Post Lawsuit Debt Recovery from Alexander, Miller & Associates

The post lawsuit debt recovery procedure from Alexander, Miller & Associates is reserved for those stubborn debtors who have no intention of repaying. You can find many such companies in the sectors of manufacturing, processing, trading and restaurants. They take excessive benefits of the FDCPA, IVA, bankruptcy and related laws to avoid repayment of the outstanding balances. Some of them even try to declare bankruptcy when their financial condition is healthy. The private investigators at Alexander, Miller & Associates have the experience and the legal expertise to detect and prove all such fraudulent cases. In spite of such behaviors, the agency gives them an opportunity for the amicable settlement of outstanding balances. Perhaps this is one of the factors which keep Alexander, Miller & Associates ahead of the other collection agencies in client ranking.

Alexander, Miller & Associates – Lawsuit Procedures

  • Final Letters: – Before filing the lawsuit, the legal experts at Alexander, Miller & Associates send out final demand letters to the debtors for the amicable settlement. The debtors have a chance of escaping from the legal punitive actions even at that stage. If they oblige, the agency will be glad to avoid the litigation and get back to the negotiations for debt settlement. They can prepare the agreement documents for the repayment and decide on schedule acceptable to both the parties.
  • Legal Approach: – If the debtors fail to respond or react negatively, the legal experts at Alexander, Miller & Associates go ahead and file the lawsuit. The court of law sends directives to the debtor and their attorney to appear in the court of law and file a defensive case. The trials start after the parties have submitted evidences, witness details, reports and the related documents to the court of law. These cases are mostly handled by an individual judge unless the need for jury is felt by the court of law. The attorneys from Alexander, Miller & Associates have the experience of handling thousands of such cases in the past history. They have a clear understanding of the behavioral patterns of the defendants and their attorneys. Hence they are prepared to present their client cases in the most professional and effective manner. Since they are supported by the immaculate sets of evidences, their probability of getting the favorable verdict is very high. However there could be some discounts in the interest, overheads and the principal as requested by the defendant at the end of the trial and verdict. In such cases Alexander, Miller & Associates advise their clients about the best possible decision to be taken to get the maximum possible repayment of debt.
  • Payment Follow Up: – The court of law directs the debtors to repay the debt according to the schedule decided by the agency in consultation with the creditors. The agency or the client will have no problems in following up with the adherence to payment schedule by the debtor, since they are supported by the law. Alexander, Miller & Associates takes care of all the procedures based on agreement with the clients.