Fashion industry of hijab and Muslim outfit

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Fashion requirements and conditions in Islam:

There are certain restrictions in Islam on the clothing and outfit of women as well as men. Basically, for men, the only requirement is to completely cover the specified part of the body. While for the women, the condition is quite same but their specified part is more than men. They are also required to cover the hairs completely so ultimately, they have to cover the head. In some Islamic countries, even they cover the whole face as well. But in most of the Muslim world, the faces are not covered and only hairs and head are covered with hijab or scarf available on Hijab store in anaheim.

Adhering to the limitation:

Muslims consider it obligatory to adhere to the limitations specified in their religion. Hence, the clothes and outfit of the Muslims are according to the rules and regulations mentioned in their religion. All the clothing brands, who want to enter the fashion market of Muslims have to adhere to such limitations in their designs. Otherwise, they would not be successful in capturing the market.

Muslim fashion industry:

With the concept of Islamic fashion that is “to wear beautiful clothes which are in compliant with Islamic rules and regulations”, a new industry is emerging which is called “Muslim fashion industry”. The recent survey conducted in the industry indicates that this industry is going to exceed the 301$ billion volumes. Hence, it is now attracting a lot of fashion designers and big brands to enter. The fashion industry also follows first mover principles sometime hence it is important to all the brands to capture the market by entering it first.

The entrance of big brands in the market:

Many big brands entered the market and started the production of special hijabs with designs. Some fashion shows have also been organized which featured a model wearing Islamic cloaks. The shows were done to introduce the Islamic outfits designed by various brands. Some big brands have introduced their designs in a market too. Among which, most prominent is “Dolce & Gabbana”. They designed and released their “modest design” range. “Tommy Hilfiger” is also in the race to capture the Islamic fashion industry. Recently, “Oscar de la Renta” also came up with some designs to enter this emerging market.

Growing volume of a market:

Hence, it is clear that the market is growing at a rapid rate. The entrance of big brands assures that they have observed some serious indicators. These indicators are of economic importance. They are indicating that this market is surely going to bring a lot of sales and revenue. With the entrance of big brands, the entrance of the small brands and designers is guaranteed like the Hijab store in anahiem. There is still a lot of things which are required in this market and they are not there. Like some decent designs are required in modest cloaks as well as a complete outfit of the women. Hence, there are a large number of opportunities for the new entrants. Fully dedicated online stores are there now having all the range of Islamic fashion products.